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Former Times Critic Frank Bruni has Gout

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Frank Bruni, the former Times restaurant critic, current op-ed writer, and lover Shake Shack and (sometimes in the dark of the night) buffalo chicken pizza, was recently diagnosed with gout, often called the "King's disease" because it's associated with gluttony and indulgence in life excesses. When Mr. Cutlets proudly contracted the condition in '09, he swore he would never change his lifestyle, but Bruni argues that gout, a "cruel joke," is forcing him to see what it's like to cut back on alcohol, red meat and seafood. He even writes, "There are times, crazily, when I’m almost happy about the gout...It provided a dietary shove where the gentle pushes of a vague desire for self-improvement hadn’t sufficed." Gout: the new secret to a better you.

And those waiting on Bruni at restaurants needn't worry. Because he feels bad not spending money on cocktails, he will often order them and not drink them. Just to be a good sport.
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