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Umami Food & Art Festival Coming to NYC in April

Next month, a group of chefs, artists, filmmakers, and musicians will collaborate on the Umami Food & Art Festival, a month-long celebration of food, music, and the visual arts that will take place at various venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Most of the events have some sort of interactive component, and several of them include food and wine. Here are some highlights from the programming schedule:

· A live edition of Heritage Radio's The Food Scene, with food, drinks, and musical recipes from Mario Batali, Tom Colicchio, and David Chang as performed by the band One Ring Zero
· A conversation about the pastry arts with Brian Sullivan, Robert Truitt, and the Experimental Cuisine Collective
· A gallery event where guests will explore the history of cereal, and create their own cereal boxes
· A judged "cooking art challenge"
Most of the tickets are around $15 and many of the events are free. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out the official site for more information about the events, and how to buy tickets.
· Umami Food and Art Festival [Official Site]

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