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You Can Stop Riding White Horses Into Nightclubs

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Last night at Marquee, event producer and nightlife promoter "Legendary" Damon Peruzzi celebrated his birthday by riding a white horse through the aging nightclub, recreating the now infamous event where Bianca Jagger was photographed riding on a white horse during the hey day of Studio 54.

First, everyone should know that Jagger herself said she didn't ride a horse into Studio 54 that night, but there happened to be a horse in the club that she decided to pose for a picture on. This means that the big "thing" that people always seem desperate to recreate didn't go down the way they thought. Second, and perhaps most important, horses don't belong in nightclubs. They don't belong in bars of any kind. They don't make your birthday better. They don't make you look cool. They just make you look desperate for attention. So let's all agree that from this day forward, no one celebrating a birthday will ever bring a horse to a nightclub ever again, and club owners should just outright ban the practice altogether. Mmmkay?
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