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Elsinore Becomes Bantam With Internal Drama Galore

The name change at the space once known as the Elsinore is now complete, with the bar's owners having decided to rebrand the space as Bantam. It just rolls right off the tongue! For some more palace intrigue, a tipster close to the situation reached out to Eater last night to talk about the sudden name change, saying that the bars owners decided to change the name as a way to distance themselves from Ashman, and that they were doing whatever possible to end his involvement at the space for a variety of reasons due to a bad personality mix and financial issues. This tipster also reports that there was a big meeting yesterday between Ashman and the other partners that ended with the partners walking out of the room, leaving the two sides to only communicate through their attorneys as they try and work all of this out.

Eater spoke with Noel Ashman who denied the story, saying that he and his partners "have some creative differences, but I have an ownership interest in the company and will continue to work together."

Either way, the place will be open for business tonight with the excellent DJ Franco V handling the music. Good luck!
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17 Stanton St., New York, NY