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Noel Ashman Ditches Elsinore Name Before It Ever Opens

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Wither the Elsinore, Noel Ashman's yet-to-open new nightclub venture in the Lower East Side. Club designer and nightlife historian Steve Lewis (who is also the Elsinore's designer) says that Ashman has decided to re-name his new spot before the place ever opened to the public (save for one preview event) because the name was hated by everyone. Lewis says that another nightlife veteran called it "the worst name he had ever heard," while others decreed that thought the name was pronounced "El Snore" Guffaw! Now Ashman is scrambling to come up with a new name and create a buzz for a place that the nightlife world has shown zero interest in. May we suggest D.O.A. or the Plummm?
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The Elsinore

17 Stanton St., New York, NY

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