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Eater's First-Ever Bodega Week Begins Right Now

Bodega Week, Eater's five-day exploration and ode to corner stores and snack shops, is here. Check in throughout the week for maps of the best hidden bodega eats, interviews with the people behind some of New York's favorite stores, bodega stories from notable New Yorkers, tours, videos, tips, and oh so much more. Eater's sister sites Racked and Curbed are also participating in the festivities, and by week's end, one store will be named New York's best bodega.

And that's just online. Out in real restaurant world, five of Eater's very favorite restaurants are serving special, limited-time only dishes just for Bodega Week. Participating chefs include: Alex Stupak, Dale Talde, Marco Canora, Corwin Kave, and Tyler Kord. Each dish will get a Sound Bites-style video spotlight, but check out the full list of Bodega Week specials below.
Bodega Week Specials:
Empellon Cocina: Cod with chilaquiles verdes. Available March 12 - 16 for $18, although chef Alex Stupak says he may keep it on the menu all spring.

Hearth: A "tuna sandwich" made with big eye tuna crudo, tuna belly rillette, fried potatoes, brown bread, and celery. Available March 12 - 16 for $14.

Talde: Everything bagel spring rolls with house smoked salmon and cream cheese. Available March 12 - 16 for $13.

Fatty Crab UWS: Three bodega-inspired desserts: a King Cone ($7) made with vanilla soft serve, salted caramel, and walnuts, with a chocolate shell; a Chipwich made with chocolate chip cookies ($5); and an "Italian Icee," which is shave ice with calamansi, tarragon, mango, and basil ($5). Available March 12 - 16.

No 7. Sub Greenpoint: A bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich made with Mongolian soft boiled fried eggs, feta cheese, smoked ketchup, and jalapeno mayo. Available March 12- 16 for $12.

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Fatty Crab

2170 Broadway, New York, NY 10023 212-496-2722


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