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Pete Wells on the Service at Roberta's; Brunch at Tortaria

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BUSHWICKNYT critic Pete Wells had a bad meal at Roberta's, where no one gave him a fork for his salad, and he couldn't track down a server to tell them that his pasta tasted off. In a new blog post, he contemplates the importance of service in restaurants these days, noting, "no matter the style, no matter the neighborhood, no matter the price, no matter the dress code, good service requires paying attention to the customers. And if we can’t expect that any more, then going out to eat is going to get less and less fun." [NYT]

UNION SQUARE — Mexican sandwich restaurant Tortaria is launching brunch this weekend. The menu includes a number of breakfast tortas and taquitos. [EaterWire]

EAST VILLAGE — New Thai restaurant Ngam is hosting a breakfast/brunch cooking class on Sunday, March 11 with chef Hong Thaimee. Customers can suggest dishes for Thaimee to cook via Twitter and Facebook, and if she picks that dish for the menu, it will be named after the customer. The class is $90. [EaterWire]

DOH CHRONICLESGawker takes a look at some of the unflattering DOH ratings that were given to Michelin starred restaurants in NYC. [Gawker]

COLUMBUS CIRCLEThe Stone Rose Lounge will begin lunch service on the weekends starting March 10. The menu was created by Benchmarc Events by Marc Murphy, and it includes soups, lobster rolls, chicken nachos, wings, and panini. [EaterWire]


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