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Fashion Week Nightlife Preview: No Nightclubs Opening

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New York Fashion Week is not just the time when fashion designers unveil their new clothing lines to the industry and public, it's also usually when new nightclubs plan to unhook their velvet ropes for the first time. What better way to reveal your shiny new club than to pack it with fashion VIP's and celebrities for fancy events, using the cachet from NYFW to help wow the customers who you want in your place whenever they want a night on the town. Over the last few years, Le Bain, Kenmare, Lavo, the Electric Room, Don Hill's, and even Mister H used strong Fashion Week showings to help get themselves on the map, even though 50% of those places either closed or are going through significant programming changes.

What a difference a year makes. Aside from Le Baron's recent opening, the basement of Super Linda, and a small project from aging wonder Noel Ashman, there are really no new notable clubs that will be throwing open their doors for the first time for Fashion Week.

While nonexistent places not opening is usually not newsworthy, it is notable that there are really no independent nightlife projects (ie: not in hotels) on the horizon even beyond Fashion Week and throughout the year. This even applies to the Hamptons, where we hear there are plenty of venues looking for summer operators but no one willing to deal with the headaches. This seems to confirm the hunch that the big nightlife owners don't see room for additional projects in New York right now and have instead focused their attention on licensing deals and new markets.

As for the expected winners of the week, expect the old favorites like the Boom Boom Room and Le Bain, Avenue, The Electric Room, Catch, and of course Le Baron to get all of the attention. We'll check in next week after things wrap up to see if the real events play out as we predict.
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