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Dan Kluger Makes ABC Kitchen's Mushroom Pizza

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Welcome back to Sound Bites, an Eater original video feature in which footage of the city's most badass chefs crafting their signature dishes is paired with tunes from up-and-coming musicians. Regarding the volume: turn it up.

For this edition of Eater music video series Sound Bites, chef Dan Kluger of the ever-packed Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant ABC Kitchen throws together a favorite from menu's pizza section. Called "mushrooms, parmesan, oregano and farm egg" the pie is simple, hearty, addictive. Hit play to see Kluger in action and click through to see what goes into making his pie.

Music this time around provided by Teengirl Fantasy with the song "Floor to Floor."

Kluger on the pie:

Using our whole wheat dough, we stretch it out and place it on lightly floured pizza peel. Grated Parmesan, fontina, and housemade ricotta are evenly spread onto the pizza followed by the mushroom mix of button, hen of the woods, honshimeji, king trumpet, and others. We create a slight well in the middle of the pizza and crack an egg in the middle and season with salt, black pepper, oregano and garlic oil (garlic cooked in oil for two hours). We cook the pizza in the woodfire oven until the bottom is nice and crispy and the egg is just slightly cooked through and finish with a swirl of mushroom jus (a syrup made of mushroom scraps reduced in chicken stock) around pie, chili flakes, and olive oil.

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