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Voting Begins Today for F&W's Best New Pastry Chef

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Last month, news spread that Food & Wine was adding a new facet to their annual hunt for the best up and coming talent in the restaurant industry: a people's choice award for the best new pastry chef. Like the original Best New Chefs program, this addition will feature a group of editor-chosen chefs from across the country (between five and 10) and one pastry chef chosen by readers. To be nominated, a chef has to have been in charge of a kitchen for five years or less.

Here are NYC's nominees:

· Robert Truitt, Ai Fiori
· Ghaya Oliveira, Boulud Sud
· Stephen Collucci, Colicchio & Sons
· Shawn Gawle, Corton
· Michal Shelkowitz, Dovetail
· Angela Pinkerton, Eleven Madison Park
· Emily Wallendjack, Veritas
· Malcolm Livingston II, wd~50

Voting begins today at 11 AM, ends on the 14th, and the winner of the vote will will be announced on the 15th. Restaurateurs, it's time to rev up that Twitter campaign.
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