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'Hounders Mourn as South China Garden Closes

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Venerable Chinatown institution South China Garden, (formerly known as Cantoon Garden) closed earlier this week, and according to a long and sad Chowhound thread on the subject today, it's because a new condo and/or hotel is going up on the block. It's unclear at this point what the project is, how big it could be, and what other businesses could be affected, but tipsters are already writing in to sound the alarm bells. Writes one, "Which other restaurants, don't know yet - Jing Fong for sure since they share the same building, probably everything in the Bowery-to-Elizabeth Arcade, maybe stretching as far down as Oriental Garden. This is sad stuff."

They may be jumping to conclusions, but indeed it is a sad day for South China Garden's owners and fans. The child of the owner writes on the 'Hound thread: "One may argue that this is a public showing of the ugly face of gentrification, but I don't want to go into that debate. It's been a good run. Time to look forward. If my dad decides to reopen or not, I will be sure to notify you guys. Thank you for the support!"
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South China Garden

22 Elizabeth St., New York, NY

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