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A Brief, Sad Six-Year History of 71 Clinton Street

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· February 2006, 71 Clinton Fresh Foods, the two star restaurant that ostensibly brought fine dining to the Lower East Side, that launched chef Wylie Dufresne's career, that exhibited the work of one Jason Neroni, closes after seven years in business.
· March 2006, vacant
· June 2007, still vacant
· January 2008, still vacant
· February 2009, the unfortunately named Fat Hippo, serving "burger fondue," opens in the space
· June 2010, Fat Hippo closes after being seized by city marshals
· December 2010, the unfortunately named Patate Fellow, specializing in fried chicken and strange drunk person food, opens in the space
· May 2011, Patate Fellow closes
· June 2011, Hachember, also serving fried chicken and Japanese izakaya fare, opens in the space
· February 2012, Hachember closes

[Photo: Kalina, 10/1/05.]


71 Clinton St., New York, NY

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