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Nightclub Brawler Suing Prince Over Bruised Shoulder

Adam Hock, the strongman who took out one prince, one shipping heir, and two downtown hipsters all by himself in the Royal Beatdown at Double Seven, now says he will be suing them and will ask the New York District Attorney to press charges.

Hock's attorney says they will be asking the D.A. to charge Monaco Prince Pierre Casiraghi, Stavros Niarchos, Diego Marroquin, and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld for assault with a deadly weapon after Roitfeld allegedly hit Hock with a 1.5 liter bottle of vodka in the shoulder, leaving Hock with a hematoma. For those of you without medical degrees, hematoma is commonly referred to as a bruise or boo boo. Hock also plans to file civil charges against the four.

Hock's attorney may be right to ask the D.A. to bring these charges. There are multiple incidents where people have been charged for assault with deadly weapons after they used a bottle or glass as a weapon in a fight, and cases where people have been killed in the melees.

It doesn't seem to matter who started the fight, but you can assume Roitfeld and the gang will most certainly claim self defense. Hock may not be the American hero that Stephen Colbert made him out to be, but his love of fighting and willingness to sue those he beat up for money seem to make him as American as apple pie.
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