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Euro 1 Percenters Get NYC Beatdown At Double Seven

Fists were flying at Double Seven over the weekend as a former Manhattan club owner single handily took down a pair of European 1 percenters. Adam Hock, the owner of the much beloved and oh so missed Hawaiian Tropic Zone, was partying at Double Seven with owner Jeffrey Jah and three models when Monaco’s Prince Pierre Casiraghi and Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos III rolled up to their table. According to reports, the two Euros began chugging from Hock and Jah's bottle of vodka and were disrespectful to the ladies, so Hock decided to put a stop to their boorish behavior.

Hock allegedly destroyed Casiraghi with a single punch to the face, sending the prince flying across the room and possibly breaking his jaw. Not content with that one knockout, Hock allegedly followed that up with knockout blows to Niarchos and two other dudes they were rolling with. Casiraghi wound up in the hospital and Hock wound up getting arrested and arraigned, but so what? If these reports are true, Hock delivered the greatest nightclub fight performance in New York City history and should be honored until someone can top it!
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Double Seven

63 Gansevoort Street New York, NY 10014