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Bar Veloce Owners Counter-Sue for Smear Campaign

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Last April, workers at Bar Veloce, the mini-chain of New York City wine bars, sued the owners of the restaurant group for wage and labor violations. The case has yet to be resolved, but now the owners are turning around and counter-suing the workers for a smear campaign they have run to tarnish the Veloce name. And they have reason to be upset: the workers have emailed regular Veloce customers about the lawsuit, put up fliers around the East Village stating their case, and often jump into the Eater comment threads (as recently as yesterday) to discuss the conflict and complain about Veloce owner Frederick Twomey. Per the new suit:

Rather than letting the law take its course, Preston launched a campaign, for which no lawful cause exists, to gain an advantage in the wage-and-hour law action, with the goal to smear the plaintiff businesses and the individual plaintiff...customers have been driven away, potential investors lost, and employees unnecessarily upset and confused.
Read the full complaint from the Veloce owners below and check back to see if the original workers jump into the comments.

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