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10 New York Restaurant Missed Connections

Although the dining rooms of the city are filled with many happy couples, they are also inhabited by lovesick diners looking to catch the eye of that special someone. Sometimes, these people take to Craigslist to try and find that guy or girl who they saw from across the dining room, but weren’t able to muster the courage to say something to. Here now are a few restaurant missed connections — perhaps love is on the menu for these lonely people sometime soon.

2011_ippudo_missed_c1.jpg1) RAMEN WITH A SIDE OF ROMANCEWaiter at Ippudo - m4m - 27: "Maybe you were just working the tip angle, but maybe it was more. You had a great smile and your eyes seemed to linger a little longer than average. I think you were into me. This went down around 9 last night. Have a laugh about this with your coworkers, and then get back to me."

2011_union_pool_taco_truck1.jpg2) FOOD TRUCK FLIRTATIONUnion Pool Taco Truck - m4w - 30: "Hey girl you got 3 tacos and were hella cute. Get in touch."

2011_cafe_fiorello_missed1.jpg3) LOVELORN NEAR LINCOLN CENTERFiorello's/Lincoln Ctr Wednesday Night - m4w - 26: "I was finishing dinner with a gray haired man. You came over just as I was paying the bill. We talked about music and how we are both piano players and singers. My friend and I had to run out to make our opera, but I should have gotten your number anyway. Duh. I was definitely attracted to you and I know we would have lots to talk about..."

2011_sons_of_essex_missed_1.jpg4) EXCITEMENT ON ESSEX STREETSons of Essex - LES - m4w - 29: "You were wearing black and sitting with two friends eating dinner at Sons of Essex Tuesday night when I walked in with my buddy. We definitely caught eyes, but nothing more. You were beautiful and I should have said something (either walking in or when I went to the bathroom). If you can tell me what I was wearing then I'll know it's you who is reading this — you are brunette, were wearing a black top (I think sleeveless). Anyway, if you're reading this, you know what to do! I never post these things, but might as well give it a try."

2011_la_colombe12.jpg5) COFFEE KLATCH....OF LOVE?La Colombe Around 12:30 - m4m - 30: "You were sitting at the bar with your coffee looking at some papers with what seemed to be a red pen. You are gorgeous. You were wearing a button down, a bracelet and a ring... I couldn't stop looking at you. Love to buy you your next cup if you are up for it. If this is you get in touch. Did you notice me? What was i wearing?"

2011_hotel_griffiou1.jpg6) HEARTBREAK AT THE HOTELGriffou Weekend of 1/27 - m4m: "You: waiter. Me: customer. We were catching each others' eyes throughout night, said goodbye on way out, but too shy to give you my number. I sent someone back inside to give you my card but never heard from you. Maybe I read you wrong, or maybe you are hitched. Maybe you didn't get my card? Describe me and you and we'll see. . ."

2011_le_relais_steak_1.jpg7) FRENCH (STEAKHOUSE) FLINGFriday night - Le Relais de Venise - m4w: "Friday night - we stared at each other throughout our meals. We had a strong final look on my way out. Tell me who you were with and let's see if we can have a proper meal together next time..."

2011_love_nyc_12.jpg8) THE BROOKE OF LOVEBrooke from Anella - m4w - 30: "You were our waitress for brunch this afternoon, we were a party of six. I was sitting closest to the kitchen with full sleeves. I wanted to ask for your number alongside the six pastry baskets but failed to find you on the way out. So..."

2011_frankies_joanie1.jpg9) COURT STREET COURTSHIPFrankies Spuntino 457 Tonight - m4w - 42: "You were sat at the bar and had just finished your main course. I came in to pick an order to go. We exchanged smiles. I wish we could have talked more. If you see this, please write back and tell me what I asked you so that I know it is you!"

2011_chopsticks_restuarnt1.jpg10) A CHANCE ENCOUNTERChopsticks. Window of Restaurant - m4m - 36: "The restaurant is on Broadway, by Columbia. I think you know the story. You're adorable. Feel free to get in touch."

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