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The Five Must-Watch Food Videos of the Week

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In this week's roundup of new videos, a group of indie rockers go looking for some good Indian food, Jonathan Waxman shares the origin story of his most famous dish, and Jimmy Fallon learns to love Mardi Gras cuisine.

1) Untouchables: Barbuto
The story behind New York's most famous roasted chicken:

2) The Dosa Hunt Trailer
A team of Indian indie rockers and music lovers set out on a journey of dosa discovery:

3) John Besh on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
The New Orleans chef flew to New York to introduce Jimmy to the joys of crawfish, king cakes, and "lemonade with booze in it." This guy knows how to party:

4) Eric Ripert Cooks a Valentine's Day Meal on Today
Worth watching if only to hear Ann Curry's horrendous French accent:

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5) De Bloody Valentine Wafel
Wafels & Dinges made this (extremely high concept) video to promote their Valentine's Day special. Strange, but stylish:

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