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Hot Spot Red Egg Closes For Two Weeks For Renovations

Certified hot spot Red Egg is closed once again, although this time is apparently voluntary. The restaurant and club's impresario Travis Bass tells Eater that they are closing for the next two weeks in order to make renovations, saying that the redesign is necessary so that the club can increase its capacity and eliminate the problems its run into as of late. What problem, you ask? Oh just that little issue of the NYPD raiding them two weeks ago and shutting the club down temporarily. But whatever is happening tonight is in no way related to those problems, its only so the club can redesign. Ok? The closure is effective as of tonight, so if you were planning on heading down there for a night of fun, may we suggest an alternative? Le Baron is probably pretty quiet.
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Red Egg

202 Centre Street New York, NY 10013

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