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The Early Word on Matt Abramcyk’s Super Linda

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Last week, Matt Abramcyk’s new Latin American restaurant Super Linda opened in Tribeca with an airy upstairs dining room, a sexy downstairs lounge, and a bar equipped to make all sorts of frozen drinks. To eat, there are dishes inspired by the food of Uruguay and Argentina, including ceviches and tacos, plus a few steaks. It looks like a fun place with potentially good food, but some of the early visitors are less than pleased with the service and the menu. On to the early word:

The Good News: Follow the Chef complains about the service at a family & friends preview dinner, but thinks the food makes up for the wait: “Entrees suffer a bit of monotony in plating, but all were technically very good. Any given protein is served with a (huge) pile of arugula, a half-tomato roasted chewy on the outside and warm and richly juicy within, and a little tub of kicky chimichurri to anoint. Big head-on shrimp come six to a plate, perfectly seasoned and of superb quality. Same goes for the pork ribs, which were lean and flavorful, gristle-free with just the right amount of chew. ” [Follow the Chef]

The It Took Too Long News: @ElenaFox also complains about the service: “Super Linda should be renamed Super Lazy. 3 hours in total and just had 2 entrées and one appetizer. They did comp one drink but still...” [Twitter]

The Mostly Bad News: One Yelper is disappointed by her meal as a whole: “Basically, the service sucks. Now, great food can really mask a host of service sins, in my opinion. But the food was "Meh..." at best. The ravioli tasted like... nothing. It was like eating mushy air. The chicken was fine. The only reason this places doesn't get 1 star is because the croquettes and the brussels sprouts were quite good. So great job nailing one appetizer and a side dish! Otherwise, it's grotesquely overpriced for what it is.” [Yelp]

The Mixed Review: Another review on Yelp is slightly more positive but still not a rave: “The margaritas on the cocktail menu had fun flavors such as Pineapple Rose. I opted for the Topanga cocktail which sounded delicious with hibiscus- unfortunately it tasted exactly like diet Kool-Aid. Chicken croquetas would be good as an after party dish at 4am- nothing to write home about. The ceviche was fresh and the scallops had great texture although the mushrooms it came with were rather cold and under-cooked. The prawns themselves were appetizing and perfectly cooked although the accoutrements left much to be desired. Churros were plain served with a chocolate sauce. Tastes like plain fried dough; then again I've never had any churros to rave about. Entrees are around $28 so not sure why they are branding themselves as a casual alternative to the more upscale restaurants in the area. Service was extremely slow; the whole thing took 3 hours. Drink orders weren't put in. had to ask several times to order, then received wrong dishes, waited another half hour... they did comp a dessert but everything was super slow so not really worth it. I didn't like the food that much but live in the area and it's cute so will probably wind up here again.” [Yelp]

The Rave: @LuxuryAttache tweets a suspiciously positive review: “Absolutely loving #superlinda! Such great food, drinks, atmosphere and crowd. Amazing new #tribeca restaurant!” [Twitter]

The Trying too Hard News: A third reviewer on Yelp feels a lot gets lost in translation – from the kitschy décor to the soda-infused cocktails. But the biggest offender is the food: “Mostly just like the visual mishmash of references the food gets lost in its attempts of reinvention. The grilled meats did not have any resemblance of the wood fired tasting assados which are pivotal in any place trying to sell you the idea that you are eating an Argentinean steak, I guess because they serve chimichurry they get to call it argentinian assado. The smoked chicken croquetas were very flavorfull, and some of the tostadas although tiny also were pretty tasty. I saw a couple of interesting looking cocktails on the menu, but the fact that they butchered the caipirinha by adding sprite to it (what the F...?) and the fact that they add sodas to their cocktails which cost as much as the more wholesome versions from cocktail bars is just a big turn off to me. Also no vegetarian entrees. Maybe Super Linda just needs some more time to get their S...t together but right now I don't think I can recommend it.” [Yelp]

The Short but Sweet News: One diner leaves a glowing review of her meal on Foursquare: “Green apple and cucumber caipirinha is super refreshing as is the ceviche verde. Delicious!” [Foursquare]

The Give it Time News: But another tip is lukewarm thanks to the service: “Good food but they seem to be working out some kinks. We waited over an hour for our food and when it finally came it was missing our sides -- which didn't come for another 15 minutes.” [Foursquare]

The Solid News: @catiecase shows some love for the Tribeca joint, tweeting: “Ok I officially approve of #superlinda! @brennacoops and I shared so many solid dishes like these tostadas” and then shares a photo from her meal. [Twitter]

— Claire Nugent

Super Linda

109 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Super Linda

109 W Broadway, New York, NY

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