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Brushstroke Named one of U.S.'s Best New Restaurants

GQ restaurant man Alan Richman and his fellow editors have named the Ten Best New Restaurants of 2011, and second spot on their list (right behind Michael Voltaggio's Ink) is David Bouley's Japanese restaurant in Tribeca Brushstroke. Richman calls what's on offer there "the most wonderful food you'll eat that's nothing like any food you've had before," praising the superb ingredients, "the most implausibly delicious dessert I've ever eaten," the polished room, the presence of a female cook, the discreet service.

Also this is cute: "When I asked Yamada, the chef, how much credit the revered Bouley deserved for Brushstroke, he replied, 'Say 70 to 80 percent in your magazine, but actually it is 20 percent.'"
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