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David Guetta's Insane Wishes Were Granted at Roseland

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Last week, Provocateur and Live Nation produced New York's only performance of superstar DJ David Guetta's infamous F*** Me I'm Famous party that Guetta and wife Cindy have been throwing around the globe these past few years. As we noted yesterday, the event required just a bit more production effort than your average Pauly D show, with a rider list of approximately 100 different items the Guetta's required, including those fog and laser shooting Kryoman. We managed to secure the full list of their demands, and to be honest, we haven't heard of most of this stuff. But now you too can fulfill your dreams of producing amazing electronic music shows of your very own, as long as you know where to procure things like Glitter Machines, a 2 meter Big Heart, and lollipops.

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Roseland Ballroom

239 West 52nd Street New York, NY 10019

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