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Quigley's NY Grill, Lea, Rhong Tiam, and More Shutter

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Welcome to the Friday shutter report. Know of a restaurant that has met its demise? Let us know.

2012_2_quigleys.jpg1) Stuy Town: pcvstBee sadly notes that Quigley's NY Grill, an eight year-old restaurant on 1st Ave. and 18th Street, closed at the end of January. [pcvstBee]

2) Downtown Brooklyn: The three-year old branch of Morton's Steakhouse in Downtown Brooklyn abrupty closed on February 1, hours after a new company bought the steakhouse chain. [BP]

3) Lower East Side Bowery Boogie writes that the Moldy Fig probably won't be reopening on 178 Stanton St. There's an eviction notice from the NY Marshal on the door. [BB]

4) Gramercy: Grub Street notices that Park Avenue Bistro near Gramercy Park has served its last. [GS]

5) Lower East Side The new branch of Thai spot Rhong Tiam that opened in the old, awkwardly laid out Bia Garden space is now closed. A new Chinese venture is seeking to take over the space. [BB]

6) Lower East Side: Allen Street hookah bar Lea also bit the dust this week. [BB]

Quigley's NY Grill

313 1st Ave., New York, nY

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