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Village Locals to Open Swine on Hudson Street this Spring

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John McNulty, an alum of Jeffrey's, Cafe Cluny, and the Blind Tiger Ale House, and a West Village local, will finally have a place of his own this spring when he and his partners open Swine, a bi-level restaurant and bar directly next to Jeffrey Chodorow's Red Farm. They signed the lease 10 days ago, got approval from Community Board 2 for the liquor license last night, and hope to swing the doors open (if all goes as planned) by the end of April.

McNulty and his business partner Cris Criswell aim to take charcuterie to the next level with Swine, offering two and three tiered towers of cured meats and cheeses and condiments in addition to small and large plates on the menu. They're planning a bone marrow and brisket burger and (perhaps as a counterweight to that) plan on adding a number of gluten free options and gluten free breads made by local bakers.

Their goal is for the restaurant to have a dive bar feel (complete with a pinball machine) with a focus on great wine. McNulty explains, "Basically the whole concept started as being a dive bar where you could still get a great glass of wine. We love hanging at dive bars, and we love drinking wine and never do the two meet." Don't expect it to be too gritty though—Jason Volenec, the designer of Tertulia over on 6th Ave. is in charge of revamping the space.
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531 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014 212-255-7675


531 Hudson St., New York, NY

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