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Eater's 4th Annual Hottest Chef Competition Starts Today

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2012_1_hotlogo.jpgLadies and gents, boys and girls, Eater readers in the Tri-State area: it may be unseasonably warm outside but it's about to get scorching hot on the blog today. Why? We're launching Eater's Fourth Annual Hottest Chef in NYC Competition to get the blood flowing in the doldrums of winter. This year 32 reader-nominated chefs will battle it out for the coveted title through daily polls, and the champion will go on to face the winners from our sister sites in Austin, Miami, Chicago, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and beyond.

How it works: A special panel of experts have ranked all submitted chefs and in standard sporting fashion, the top seeds will face off against the bottom until we have a final list of contenders. In this competition, number one will compete against 30 - 32, two against 27- 29, and so on until we have our final eight. Then we go on to Round 2. There's a lot of fresh blood this year, so let's hope a newcomer gives title holder and reigning champion Vikas Khanna a run for his money.

As is always the case, we'll be keeping a close watch on any suspicious behavior, and disqualifications are always an option. So let's make it a clean fight.

Voting for Round 1, Heat 1 starts at 1 PM.

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