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Lake Trout in Williamsburg Closes for Renovations

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Photo: Ashley Mason

A tipster writes in with word that Lake Trout, the Williamsburg fried fish dive by Matt Lang and Joe Carroll of Fette Sau, appears to have been closed for about a month, with no answer on the restaurant's phone line. Eater hears that, rather than being closed for good, Carroll and Lang are making some changes to the kitchen and, presumably, to the concept as a whole. This sounds a little bit like what happened with Carroll and Lang's spot St. Anselm last year, which closed when it was unable to get a liquor license before reopening eight months later as a completely different restaurant.

For its part, Lake Trout went with an intentionally down-market vibe as an homage to the greasy corner stores in Baltimore selling the titular fried fish. The space has graffiti scrawled on the walls, old-time Baltimore Orioles and Colts pictures, and a toilet marked simply with the word "shitter." The four-month-old restaurant was met with a mixed reaction (at best) and was the subject of a less-than-glowing Hungry City review in mid October, so perhaps this is a reaction to that. OR maybe the Orioles' collapse in this year's playoffs was just too much for the Baltimore-themed joint to handle and they needed to take some time off?

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Lake Trout

160 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn, NY