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Pichet Ong and Sripraphai Team Up For Qi Thai Grill

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The owners of the Qi Thai restaurants are branching out with a third location slated to open in Williamsburg next week. Chef Pichet Ong created dishes for the Midtown location, and he will do the same for the new Brooklyn restaurant. But perhaps more intriguing is that the owners have also enlisted the talents of Sripraphai Tipmanee, of the beloved Sripraphai in Queens. Half the menu will be Ong's dishes, and the other half will be Sripraphai's dishes. The restaurant will seat 200 people.

The new location of Qi, dubbed Qi Thai Grill, will open next Wednesday at 176 N. 9th Street in Williamsburg. For those keeping track at home, in the past three years, Pichet Ong has been involved with: Sugar & Plumm, Qi, Village Tart, Coppelia, and Spot Dessert Bar. He's a busy guy.
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Qi Thai Grill

176 N 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 302-1499 Visit Website

Qi Thai Grill

176 N. 9th St., New York, NY