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Todd's Mill, an American Bistro on Orchard Street

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Matt Suchomski, a former owner of the No. 7 restaurants, recently opened an American bistro on the Lower East Side called Todd's Mill. Here's a look around the dining room. The menu includes things like braised short ribs, crispy sweetbreads with waffles, and a pork chop with bacon-chestnut bread pudding. To drink, the bar offers cocktails as well as a wide selection of craft beer. Todd's Mill sits just a few doors down from Mission Chinese Food on Orchard Street. Take a peek at the menu:

Bar Snacks
cheese and crackers
razor clam dip, kettle cooked chips
pickled sausage, herb mustard, vollkornbrot
lamb ribs, hibiscus, pomegranate honey
baby carrots and radishes, roasted garlic buttermilk dressing
burger, pickled red onion, aged cheddar, confit tomato
ketchup flavored fries

seared veal tongue, sprouted wheat berries, red wine dressing, watercress
crispy sweetbreads, black pepper waffle, whipped maple
warm chicory, bacon vinaigrette, turnips, croutons
wild mussels, kabocha squash, habanero, dill
golden beet soup, kelp, horseradish, pickled quail egg
raw vegetable salad, broccoli, kale, cashew dressing

cider poached hake, kohlrabi, potatoes, mustard greens
berkshire pork chop, bacon-chestnut bread pudding, rutabaga, bourbon gravy
grilled and braised beef short ribs, shaved carrots, hazelnut, cocoa, ancho, mother's milk stout
seared diver scallops, salsify, brown butter, pickled mushrooms
roasted squash tart, sage, ricotta, leeks, brussels sprouts, pumpkin seed vinaigrette
family meal

Todd's Mill
162 Orchard St., Lower East Side
Certified Open
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Todd's Mill

162 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

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