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$4 Million Eco-Friendly Applebee's to Open in Harlem

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Later this month, Applebee's will open a $4 million location in East Harlem that might very well be the most eco-friendly restaurant in America. Applebee's CEO Zan Tankel tells the Post: "No one's done it before...It's a new standard for what a restaurant will look like and what the industry will do." Here are some of the eco-friendly design features of the new Applebee's:

· "Waterless" urinals
· A white roof that will keep the restaurant cool in the summer
· LED lights
· Fryers that will use one third less gas than most fryers
· A living plant wall
· A cistern system on the roof that will collect rain water and power some of the toilets
No word yet on whether the menu will have an eco-friendly slant, or if it will have the same old fried crap that's found at every other Applebee's. The new Ecobee's is expected to open on December 10 at 509-513 East 117th Street.
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509-513 East 117th St., New york, NY