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Ripert Continues to Tease New NYC Le Bernardin Project

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Last week, chef Eric Ripert announced that he was pulling out of his Washington, DC and Philadelphia-based Ritz-Carlton restaurants to focus on "a project in New York affiliated with his famed Le Bernardin." Today, Eater National asks The Ripper if he is in fact working on a new restaurant. His response:

No. It's a little bit complex and it's related to Le Bernardin, but it's not... It's difficult to explain what it is until it comes out because I don't want people to have the impression that I'm opening more Le Bernardin. I don't want to say it's an extension because people are a little bit cynical. I don't want to say it's not an extension. So I have to wait. It's a matter of a few weeks, hopefully.
Such a tease, that one. The chef also explains that, "It's something we cannot discuss yet because obviously it's not signed." Perhaps Ripert is planning a chef's counter annex to Le Bernardin — as we know, he's a huge fan of Brooklyn Fare. Or maybe he's working on a tequila and chocolate bar. Or maybe he's working on a cutesy New England seafood shack — they're all the rage these days.

Heard any juicy rumors about the new Ripert project? Please send that info to the tipline. Or else.
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Le Bernardin

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Le Bernardin

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