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Pearl Street Diner in the FiDi May Be Down for the Count

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Yelp/Arthur O.

Sad news for fans of old-time diners and great neon: the Pearl Street Diner in the Financial District may be dunzo. EV Grieve broke out of the friendly confines of the East Village last weekend to go to the 50-year-old diner for breakfast, only to find the neon off and the windows papered over, with no sign about being closed for the holidays or for renovations. Its Seamless ordering is down and the phone just rings, with no answer or outgoing message.

As EV Grieve points out, this doesn't appear to be Sandy-related. If anyone knows what's going on at the Pearl Street Diner, send the intel to the tipline or hit the comments.
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Pearl Street Diner

212 Pearl St., New York, NY

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