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Lobel's Coming Soon; Oysters at Marlow & Daughters

UPPER EAST SIDE — Here's a plywood shot of the new location of Lobel's that's opening soon at 1030 Third Avenue. Dubbed Lobel's Kitchen, the shop will offer prepared foods, sandwiches, and prime-aged beef for you to take home. [EaterWire]

WILLIAMSBURGMarlow & Daughters is selling oysters (as well as oyster knives and serving forks) for New Year's Eve. The oysters are $1.50 - $1.75 each. Place an order for the weekend by calling 718-388-5700. [EaterWire]

TOP CHEFFAGE — Last night on Top Chef Seattle, the brave cooktestapants had to pick and shuck their own oysters and then cook for Emeril Lagasse. Later they had to cook for a roller derby team that had rollergirls with names like Jalapeno Business and Tempura Tantrum. Comedian Max Silvestri returns to make sense of it all. [-EN-]

Lobel's Kitchen

1030 Third Ave., New York, NY