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Revamped Marquee May Operate on Ticket System

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The members of Strategic Group have been busy gut renovating Marquee, their original New York club that helped launch their now global nightlife empire. But owner Noah Tepperberg tells Bloomberg that as the company prepares to relaunch the club in 2013, it will most likely look beyond the traditional revenue generators of bottle service (which usually accounts for 50-70 percent of a club's revenue) and cover charges that have rewarded them so handsomely over the past decade. According to Tepperberg, Marquee may very well start pre-selling tickets that will allow any customer to buy their way into a night at their clubs instead of just selling tables or leaving it up to the doorman to decide who does and doesn't get in.

And speaking of doormen, how about former Marquee and current Avenue doorman Wass Stevens, who managed to get his motorcycle and his fur coat into one short interview. Nice work. Marquee is expected to open in January, 2013.
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