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Tom Cruise Ditches The Darby Over Security Concerns

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Mega superstars like Tom Cruise love to have fun just like the rest of us, but sadly, they can't just go out for a night on the town like Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public. For example, Mr. Cruise had planned to spend a night at the Darby to watch his super cool son Connor DJ in the Darby Downstairs. But alas, despite the club roping off a special area for Cruise to show off his Risky Business dance moves, Tom's security detail deemed the place too risky because the bar lacked a "back door" that would allow him to safely get into the club and then get out without incident. The risks were just too darn high to take a chance on America's greatest asset.

But Tom was all set for a night on the town, so now it was Mission Impossible to find a place that was both AMAZING enough and secure enough for the star.

Luckily, Tom had just happened to read about Le Baron in the papers recently and decided to throw caution to the wind and head to Chinatown without first having his security check the room for bombs and safe passageways. And it totally paid off, because Cruise wound up closing Le Baron down, dancing with artists and palling around with Andre Saraiva all night! Mission Impossible? More like Mission Accomplished! Although it all does seem like a ploy to avoid having to watch his son push buttons for three hours and pretend like he's a proud papa.
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The Darby

246 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011 (212) 242-4411 Visit Website

Le Baron

32 Mulberry St, New York, NY