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Chris Cannon to Open New Restaurant in Morristown, NJ

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On this week's I'll Drink to That podcast, industry legend Chris Cannon chats with Levi Dalton about his break from the restaurant scene, how he got his start in the business, and his relationship with the critics. He also spills the details on the brand new restaurant he's opening in Morristown, NJ. From the interview:

I've got a very large project, a 15,000 square foot project in Morristown that, if everything works right, should open next year. It's called Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen, and it's in a 1917 landmarked unbelievably beautiful building. It's going to have a casual dining component to it, an oyster/wine bar, a huge cocktail lounge, a very refined second seat 70-seat fine dining concept, a lot of banqueting, outdoor seating. It's going to be really great...It's going to have amazing food, but it's also going to be very reasonably priced, because I pay a tenth of the rent that I paid in Manhattan.

No word yet on the exact location. Cannon also alludes to another Jersey project that may or may not come to fruition.

Also, when chatting about All'Onda, his new Manhattan project with Chris Jaeckle, Chris says that he's on board as "a consultant." The wine list will focus on Northern Italy, and about a third of the selection will be made up of sparkling wines.

Mr. Cannon is also a big fan of the Brooklyn dining scene right now:

I spend most of my time dining in Brooklyn, and I know there's a big kind of controversy over whether the food press is right in promoting Brooklyn...First and foremost, a lot of the talent that's coming up can't afford to open anything Manhattan, so a lot of them are moving to Brooklyn. So, there's a lot of really talented young chefs that are doing great work out there, and they're not constrained by $150, $200 square foot rent. They can afford to be a little bit more experimental in what they're doing, a little more relaxed in what they're doing. And the end result is that they achieve that kind of sense of discovery in the dining experience, and that enthusiasim in the dining experience that becomes daunting and difficult when you have to pay the landlord $60,000 at the end of the month.

Chris, the people of Brooklyn would love to have you open a restaurant in that fine borough. Just think about it.
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Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen

110 South St., Morristown, NJ 07960 Visit Website