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Mark Iacono's Lucali Begins 'Soft Reopening'

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The popular Carroll Gardens pizza shop (and favorite of Jay-Z and Beyonce) Lucali closed for renovations at the end of October, but word is that it could be on the verge of reopening. A tipster writes in:

Was walking by tonight and was surprised to see the sign out and people inside. Weird for two reasons: 1) They haven't been open in over a month. And 2) When they are open, they aren't open on Tuesdays. So we went in (it was practically empty) and tonight was in fact their first night open. The waitress said it was their "soft reopening."
The outgoing message on the restaurant's answering machine still says it is closed "until further notice," and there's no word yet on whether it will be open any other nights this week or next week. Owner Mark Iacono said in early November that it would stay closed "maybe for a month, two months, three months, however long it takes to get the work done."
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