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Lunch at L & W; Djokovic Buys All the Donkey Cheese

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Photo: Lockhart Steele

SOUTH STREET SEAPORT — Here's what the scene looked like at Meade's on Saturday afternoon. The restaurant was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, but it's mostly back to normal now. Note the stripped-away paint on the far wall, showing the waterline. [EaterWire]

MIDTOWNCutesy New England seafood restaurant L & W Oyster Co. is launching lunch tomorrow. The menu includes salads, chowder, tomato bisque, a pulled pork sandwich, a fried clam sandwich, and mixed seafood plates. [EaterWire]

SOHOAngolo Soho just launched a new list of winter cocktails, with seven seasonal drinks. One of the new beverages is the Pear Harvest, which is made with pear eau de vie and mulled wine reduction. [EaterWire]

SERBIASerbian tennis champ Novak Djokovic has purchased all of the donkey cheese in the world for use at his Belgrade restaurant, Novak. Eater National has more on the great donkey cheese grab of 2012, with a video. [~EN~]


22 Peck Slip, New York, NY