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Antica Pesa, a Roman Import Now Open in Williamsburg

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[Daniel Krieger]

Here's a look around Antica Pesa, an Italian restaurant in Williamsburg that opened before Hurricane Sandy, closed for a few days following the storm, and reopened at the end of last week. Antica Pesa is a sister establishment to an 80-year-old restaurant of the same name in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome. The restaurant is operated by two members of the family that owns the original — Francesco Panella works the front of the house, and his brother Simone runs the kitchen.

[Daniel Krieger]

The menu includes traditional Roman pastas, soups, salads, and grilled meat dishes, all made with local ingredients. The specialty at the original location is veal Saltimbocca.

Antica Pesa
15 Berry Street, Williamsburg
Certified Open

Antica Pesa

115 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249 (347) 763-2635 Visit Website