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In Battle of Yelp vs Big Gay Ice Cream, Yelp Loses

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On the latest Food is the New Rock podcast, Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff of Big Gay Ice Cream talk about ridiculous complaints they've gotten, which quickly turns into a discussion of hive mind review site Yelp. As it turns out, before their East Village shop even opened, an "Elite" Yelper emailed asking them to open early and create new, special flavors for a Yelp Elite ice cream crawl. The manipulative bottom line for the Yelper? "Think of all the good reviews you'll get."

Quint and Petroff obviously turned down the request, and, Quint tells Eater National, they're not even sure if the ice cream crawl even happened. Hopefully that will keep them from fielding similar requests as they work on opening their second NYC shop.
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