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Cocktail Recommendations From Empellon's Alex Stupak

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All throughout Cocktail Week, chefs and restaurateurs have been chiming in with their cocktail recommendations. Up right now: Empellon's Alex Stupak.

12_2011_02_decantedfedora%20%281%29.jpgAlex Stupak: I generally don't get the opportunity to venture out for cocktails anymore. If I have the time, I'll usually have a mezcal or gin and tonic while going over that evening's service with my crew. On the rare occasions that I do head out for a drink, I usually stick around the neighborhood.

When I'm at Cocina in the East Village, I'll head to Booker and Dax for their Chartruth cocktail — it's a simple drink of green Chartreuse and lime juice that has been carbonated. It's potent with great herbaceous notes from the Chartreuse, and it's slightly acidic with carbonation that lifts the whole drink. When I am at Taqueria in the West Village, I'll head over to Fedora for a quick drink. They have an awesome Sazerac variation made with housemade Twizzler bitters which gives the cocktail an interesting bittersweet note that plays nicely with the rest of the cocktail.
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[Fedora by Krieger]


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