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Tribeca Canvas, Morimoto's American Restaurant

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Ladies and gentleman, feast your eyes on Masaharu Morimoto's long-in-the-works downtown restaurant, Tribeca Canvas. The menu here features Asian-influenced American comfort food. The final list of dishes has not been released just yet, but expect things like fried chicken with ginger scallion dressing, steamed mussels with chorizo, shrimp nachos, hamachi tacos, mac and cheese, chicken pot pie, and skirt steak with "bone marrow potato puree." Most of the appetizers are in the low teens, and most of the entrees are in the mid 20s. The space has a big bar, but sadly, due to issues related to Hurricane Sandy, the restaurant does not have a liquor license right now.

Tribeca Canvas opens to the public tonight. Check out more pictures of the space:


Tribeca Canvas
313 Church St
Opening Tonight
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Tribeca Canvas

313 Church Street, New York City, NY 10013 917 720 2845 Visit Website