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Lunch at El Toro Blanco; The Mysterious Pete Wells

El Toro Blanco by Krieger

GREENWICH VILLAGE — John McDonald and Josh Capon's hot new Mexican restaurant El Toro Blanco launched lunch today. The menu includes tacos, salads, ceviches, and an ETB burrito. [EaterWire]

MEALS ON WHEELS ? So this is a thing. It's the 2013 NY Food Trucks Calendar, featuring sexy glamor shots of Red Hook Lobster Pound (the truck, not the owners) and 11 others. [EaterWire]

EAST VILLAGE ? Amanda Cohen says she never saw Pete Wells when he came in for today's two-star review: " I have 18 seats. It's an open kitchen. I know what he looks like. I'm here virtually every night. I had no idea he came here. Three times!!! The man is like some kind of Dinner Ninja, and if he can get in here without me noticing, where else can't he go? New Yorkers! Be alert! Is Pete Wells in YOUR restaurant?" [Dirt Candy via Eater National]

El Toro Blanco

257 6th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 645-0193 Visit Website

El Toro Blanco

257 6th Ave., New York, NY