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Dine Out (Hassle Free) with Experiences by GroupMe


We've finally found the best way to dine out with friends without worrying about who's covering the bill. Introducing: Experiences by GroupMe.

With Experiences, each time you book an exclusive dining event in the City, GroupMe automatically creates a fun personal page for you to share and rally friends to get on board. Once everyone reserves a spot and your group is ready to go, Experiences automatically splits the cost and charges everyone individually—tax and tip included! That means, when your fabulous meal with friends is through, no fighting over the check, no frantic math? you don't even have to get out your wallet. From tartare tacos to perfect pan-fried dumplings, Experiences helps you discover, plan, and pay for the best activities with your favorite people.

And to help get you started, GroupMe is hooking up all Eater readers with $25 credit when you use the code eater25 at checkout and visit here. >>