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Humm and Guidara Make EMP's Grid Menu Disappear

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Eleven Madison Park, a restaurant full of surprises

Presto-Chango: With a wave of their magic wands, Daniel Humm and Will Guidara have made their famous "grid menu" vanish into thin air. The meal still clocks in at 16 courses for the same price of $195 per person, but now the menu is almost entirely up to the chef. Ryan Sutton breaks the news on Twitter. A receptionist tells Eater that guests get to pick between a beef or a duck course, and that the kitchen will still tweak the offerings slightly based on what their customers like and dislike. But the full-fledged choose-your-own adventure portion of the menu is gone.

When Humm and Guidara introduced their NYC history-themed revamp of EMP earlier this year, they incorporated the "grid menu" — which they had been serving for several years — into a longer format where guests did not pick many of the courses. Apparently, Humm and Guidara made the switch on November 5. For more on the post-grid Eleven Madison Park, check out one Chowhounder's report here.

The crystal ball did not see this one coming.
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