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NYPD Closes Investigation Into W.I.P. Bottle Melee

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The New York Police Department has quietly closed the investigation into the bottle throwing brawl at Soho nightspot W.I.P. that was allegedly started by rap stars Drake and Chris Brown. The police did not press charges against either rapper or anyone else. The melee left the club trashed and several people injured, and it also led to the NYPD and SLA closing W.I.P. and upstairs neighbor Greenhouse for several weeks. Multiple multi-million dollar lawsuits were filed against the owners and the club, including one from NBA star Tony Parker.

Apparently, the security footage taken from inside the club was too dark and grainy to show how the fight broke out and police interviews of eyewitnesses were inconclusive. Both clubs are now open and filling their customers' hearts with holiday glee.
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