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The Early Word on John McDonald's El Toro Blanco

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Last month, John McDonald and Josh Capon opened their stylish new Village Mexican restaurant, El Toro Blanco. The space features a bar, a large dining room, and a guacamole station, plus cacti and old Mexican tile pieces. The menu includes regional dishes from all over Mexico, many of which were developed for the restaurant by Southern California chef Scott Linquist. So far, early diners love the vibe and the food — especially the appetizers. Here's a roundup of what people are saying about El Toro Blanco:

The Solid Mexican Food News: In a conversation about the best Mexican food in NYC, one Chowhounder chimes in: "I've also been to the new El Toro Blanco on 6th Ave a couple of times. I'm not sure how 'authentic' the cooking is but I haven't been disappointed yet by anything I've eaten. I highly recommend the goat tacos and chicken tamale." [Chowhound]

The Very Good News: A diner posts this review on Yelp following what sounds like an enormous meal: "We started our meal off with the guacamole which was very good especially if you have it with the spicy yellow salsa ( diablo). The queso fundido with chorizo and potatoes was also delicious. The corn tamales were oh so good, I didn't want it to end to be honest. The cheese crisp was good but it didn't blow me away, with all the other great choices there I'd skip the crisp...The seasoned ground beef tacos were amazing in their hard shells! The grilled octopus tacos with the jalapeno mayo were great! The chicken enchilada was decent but once again there are better dishes to order here." [Yelp]

The Fantastic News: One Menupages user loves this place: "I've been here twice since they recently opened and just loved it both times. The tuna tacos are so fresh. The pork tacos are full of flavor. The snapper was truly incredible. They were so nice and even split the plates for us." [Menupages]

The Good News: A tipster writes in: "I am not a Mexican food eater but El Toro Blanco is REALLY GOOD. The queso fundito with chorizo is killer. Crispy chips. Amazing guacamole. Really awesome tequila/aloe cocktail with cactus. Capon crew has another hit on their hands." [EaterWire]

The Mexican Pizza News: One Zagat editor has an early favorite: "The fare is higher end that what's offered at other Village Mexican restaurants, and it's still affordable. Our favorite dish, an open-faced quesadilla that was baked to a crisp and topped with cheese, pork and other goodies, could easily feed two people. It's essentially a Mexican pizza, and it hit the spot with a nicely spiced mango margarita from the cocktail list." [Zagat]

The Intimate Surroundings News: According to this Yelp reviewer, the restaurant is manageable: "They make nice use of the space — it's sort of split into different sections even though it's not large, and that makes it feel both intimate and "buzzy" at the same time. You can have a private, relaxed, low-key conversation with friends (or a date), and even though there's a lot going on around you, you don't feel like you're sitting on top of anyone." [Yelp]

The Must Have News: This brief and to the point Foursquare review lets readers know what single dish cannot be missed: "Must have side= Mexican street corn." [Foursquare]

The Twitterific news: From @wdavidbauer: "El Toro Blanco is without question the best new mexican spot in the city #FoodComa #SundayCouch." From @stuffedpepper: "El toro blanco on doomed downing. Packed bar in prime time.Cleverly crafted cocktails(mayahuel alum).Guac,margs,tacos,emps all spicy & delic." From @RoeMaggiore: "Thank you @chefcapon for a delish meal at el toro blanco, great Margs too (ouch)! We will return!"
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El Toro Blanco

257 6th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 645-0193 Visit Website

El Toro Blanco

257 Sixth Ave., New York, NY