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Eater Sites Launch in Louisville, Minneapolis, San Diego!

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It's a pleasure to announce three new members of the Eater universe today: Please say hello to Eater Louisville, Eater Minneapolis, and Eater San Diego. They join the growing family of Eater websites — Eater National, New York, Chicago, LA, SF, Miami, Austin, DC, Portland, Dallas, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Denver, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Maine, Charleston, and Seattle.

These three sites will, of course, serve as the go-to spots for extensive coverage of the restaurant, nightlife, and bar scenes of their respective cities. Louisville is headed by Zach Everson (, a longtime freelance journalist. In Minneapolis, we have Claire Stanford (, running the show. She's written for many a local and national food publication, including Bon Appetit. And heading up San Diego is a longtime veteran of the scene, former restaurant critic Candice Woo ( Check in on the sites early and often, send these guys tips, rants, and raves, and follow all three sites on Twitter at @EaterMPLS, @EaterSanDiego, and @EaterLouisville.