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Request a Quote and Win a Gift Card to Rubirosa

In the wake of a crippling hurricane, it's clear how quickly you can lose everything you've got. Which is why insuring your home is so important, now more than ever.

A yearly premium from Gotham Brokerage is often as little as $1 a day, even less than your morning coffee. Floods, fire, theft—these are the realities we face as New Yorkers. Why take the risk when it's this easy to insure? Whether you live in a luxury high-rise in Tribeca, or a railroad in Brooklyn, Gotham Brokerage will tailor premiums to fit your needs.

And especially for you, Eater reader, when you request a free quote from Gotham Brokerage, you'll be entered to win a gift card to Rubirosa courtesy Eater. Be smart, click here for your free quote and be sure to enter EATER in the comments box for a chance to win. Standard contest rules apply.