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Graydon Carter's Revamped Beatrice Inn Is Now Officially Open to the Public

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The Beatrice Inn
285 W 12th St., West Village
Phone: (646) 896-1804
Status: Certified Open

It's finally here: Graydon Carter's reboot of the legendary Beatrice Inn has opened, Flo Fab learns. The revamped Bea?Carter's third restaurant, all told?features a "library-style" dining room with fancy upholstery and a back room that Flo Fab describes as "airier" than at the club's previous incarnation. The menu by Brian Nasworthy is straight-up American with steakhouse sensibilities, including items like a wedge salad, roast chicken, shrimp cocktail, and, for just $140, an American wagyu rib-eye for two. The last version of The Beatrice Inn?which began as a speakeasy back when Prohibition made speakeasies exist before eventually getting leased out to downtown nightlife man Paul Sevigny and becoming a true nightlife destination?shuttered in 2009 for a raft of building code violations. Carter picked up the space at the end of last year and now, after a number of fits and starts and preview dinners and tastings, it's fully open. Email for reservations.
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The Beatrice Inn

285 West 12th Street, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 675-2808 Visit Website

The Beatrice Inn

285 W. 12th St., New York, NY