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The Early Word on Leah Cohen's Pig and Khao

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Last month, Top Chef alum and surreptitious Hosea-kisser Leah Cohen teamed up with the Fatty Crew to open Pig and Khao, a Southeast Asian restaurant in the old Falai space on the Lower East Side. The menu is predominately Thai with Filipino influences and, according to most reviews so far, the food mostly hits the mark. Many have praised the décor and outdoor seating but feel the service is lacking. Here's what early diners are saying about Pig and Khao:

The Bad Service News: One Yelper, though generally pleased with the food, files this scathing review because of the management: "Was the food good? Yes, it was pretty much decent. Would I be inclined to go back, be treated poorly by a manager who has no idea how to manage a restaurant, and then pay too much money for small portions of only average food? Absolutely not." [Yelp]

The Great News: One Chowhounder files on a recent meal: "The quail adobo was unbelievable. The crispy pata was delicious, but not served the traditional way , on the bone. Nonetheless, a fantastic dish. I watched them prepare other nice dishes , of mussels, a grilled pork jowl dish, a lamb dish and Khao Soi. they even have halo halo or turon." [Chowhound]

The Porky News: Most Yelpers are in agreement that the food is top notch, but this one is particularly impressed: "Everything was quite good, but there's a pig in the restaurant's name.... go with the pork.The family secret sauce on the pata gave me pork flashbacks the whole next day. Reasonably priced and delicious. I'll definitely be back." [Yelp]

The Spicy News: Be warned, according the people at Serious Eats, it's hot: "...the invocation of hot, sweet, and sour is all there; more than a few bites had us reaching for a bite of raw cabbage to cool our mouths down." [SENY]

The Good Pata News: The blogger at Donuts4Dinner gives a thumbs up to the pata: "...we were all pleasantly surprised that it arrived off the bone and fit for rabid consumption with soy sauce and liver dipping sauces. There were juicy, meaty pieces and dessicated crispy pieces and crunchy skin with an inch of fat still attached. Heavenly." [Donuts4Dinner]

The Delicious News: According to this Menu Pages review the food is strong: "Food- delicious, and i got to taste many dishes. I suggest ordering a side of coconut rice and jasmine rice and then mix it in with the main courses, like the Sisig. I also had the quail and the chinese sausage salad (spicy!) and all were delicious. But the lamb ribs stole the show- you basically make your own lamb tacos with yogurt and pickled beets. Best dish of the night." [MenuPages]

The Ambiance News: This Yelper thinks the space is well designed and cozy: "The decor was new, clean , crisp and stylish. I loved the dragon scooter. The outside patio area was an added plus and very comfortable. I can't wait to go back." [Yelp]
— Aaron Baer-Harsha
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Pig and Khao

68 Clinton Street, Manhattan, NY 10002 (212) 920-4485 Visit Website

Pig and Khao

68 Clinton St., New York, NY