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Yunnan Kitchen Expands Hours; Carl's Steaks Food Truck

LOWER EAST SIDE ? Yunnan Kitchen, the freshly reviewed restaurant by former Franny's chef Travis Post, is expanding its hours. Previously closed on Tuesdays, the restaurant will be open from 5 to 11 p.m. seven days a week starting tomorrow. [EaterWire]

MIDTOWN ? Midtown East cheesesteak shop Carl's Steaks is expanding into the meals-on-wheels business, becoming the third local cheesesteak shop (after Phil's Steaks and Shorty's) to launch a food truck. [Midtown Lunch]

VIDEO INTERLUDE ? The Hamptons' cheffing wunderkind, 16-year-old Greg Grossman, is the subject of a new video as part of Thinkr's series on child prodigies. In it he prepares a seven-course menu for nightlife person Gunther Bilali, with whom it seems like Grossman is maybe going to partner on an actual restaurant project. Best line: "Why is my mother here? I'm very confused." [Youtube]

FLATIRON ? Toshi's Living Room & Penthouse at The Flatiron Hotel is taking ladies' night to an absurd height, whipping out a new tapas menu that's free to all women every night. What's keeping dudes from eating from that menu? Apparently any man caught eating will be punished in a very classy way, by being forced to buy a shot. [EaterWire]

EATER INSIDE ? Eater National takes a look inside Daniel Boulud's Toronto expansion. The Canadian version of Café Boulud opened recently, along with dbar, at the Four Seasons Toronto. [Eater National]

Carl's Steaks

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